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Woodland Art of the Woodlands Native Indian
Artists Including Norval Morrisseau

Besides Inuit art and Northwest Coast Native art, another prominent style of aboriginal art that was developed in Canada is the Woodland art by the Woodlands Native Indian artists. The Woodlands is considered the region around the Great Lakes. Norval Morrisseau is acknowledged to be the founder of the Woodland School of Art when he started painting the legends of his Ojibwa people during the early 1960s in northern Ontario.

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Norval Morrisseau's Woodland art was first showcased in Toronto in 1962 with great success. Today, he has influenced three generations of Wooland artists and his artwork is displayed at some of the world's most prestigious art galleries. He was awarded the Order of Canada which is the highest award for a Canadian.

Below is a giant painting named 'A Separate Reality' by Norval Morrisseau and is displayed at the Museum of Civilization near Ottawa, Canada.

image Woodland Art of Woodlands Native Indian Artists Norval Morrisseau
Woodland Art by Norval Morrisseau

Pretty well all Woodland artists today pay homage to the work of Norval Morrisseau and to some extent, Benjamin Chee Chee. Wildlife are usual art subjects and human-animal transformations are common as well.

Here's a nice painting by Woodland artist Todd Jamieson of the Oneida Nation.

image woodland art woodlands native indian artists

Woodland Art By Todd Jamieson

Sometimes Free Spirit Gallery has access to artwork by Woodlands Native Indian artists such as Todd Jamieson - to see what we currently have, check out Woodlands Art Paintings.

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Below are two paintings by Roy Thomas, an Ojibwa and one of the Woodland Native Indian artists that was influenced by Norval Morrisseau. These paintings which depict human-animal transformation are on display at the Museum of Civilization.

image Woodland Art of Woodlands Native Indian Artists Norval Morrisseau
Woodland Native Indian Art by Roy Thomas

The Mississauga Civic Centre has a nice collection of Woodlands Native art including works by Norval Morrisseau and Carl Ray.

Today, much like Woodland artists, Pacific Coast Northwestern Native artists make some very stunning artwork. Just imagine having such a beautiful piece of artwork hanging in your home. See Northwest Pacific Coast Native Indian art carvings or Northwest Pacific Coast Native Indian art prints at very affordable online prices available at Free Spirit Gallery.

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