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Inuit Ivory and Bone Carvings

Although most of the Inuit art carvings produced from the Arctic north are made from stone, there are pieces which are made from animal bone including ivory, whalebone and antler.  More details and examples can be found in our Inuit Art Materials article.

Here are some pieces.

image inuit ivory bone antler carvings arctic ---- image inuit ivory bone antler carvings arctic
Inuit Carvings Made From Caribou Antler-- 

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image inuit ivory whalebone antler arctic carvings
Inuit Bone Carving

Bone sections from whale and walrus are commonly used for Inuit carvings.  These pieces can be created from shoulder and spinal areas of the animal's skeletons.  The tusks of the walrus are also used for creating some interesting pieces with lots of detail as shown by the examples below. 

image inuit ivory tusk walrus bone arctic carvings ----- image walrus tusk ivory bone arctic carvings

image inuit walrus tusk ivory bone arctic carvings
Walrus Ivory Tusk Inuit Carvings

There are more fine examples of Inuit bone carvings.  They are displayed on page 2 of this article.

See More Inuit Bone Carvings on Page 2

Inuit carvers are producing some stunning Inuit art these days. Imagine displaying such a piece in your home. See Inuit carvings or Inuit art prints at very affordable online prices at Free Spirit Gallery.

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