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Northwest Native Canadian First Nations Artist
Todd Jason Baker

Todd Jason Baker is the grandson of Chief Simon Baker of the Squamish Nation in North Vancouver, BC.  He began drawing for his tribe in his preteens and had world-renowned Canadian First Nations artist Bill Reid critique his first instrumental crest design.

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He has done numerous pieces for institutions and organizations around the world. These include limited editions for the Peace Federation of Canada, Teachers Federation of BC, Canadian Lacrosse association, design work for the Heart disease, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke foundation, the Cancer Society, the Kids fund and the Vancouver Opera House. 

northwest native canadian first nations artist todd baker
Northwest Native Canadian First Nations Artist
Todd Jason Baker

At one point, Todd’s heart was in fashion and this passion drove him to begin school in Los Angeles and New York. While attending fashion school, he was honored with a trip to Paris for being the most accomplished artist of the school year. 

image northwest native canadian first nations artist todd baker eagle - 
Northwest Native Canadian First Nations Art Eagle
By Todd Jason Baker

He began a new career as a fashion designer and worked for design houses such as Donna Karan and the Gap, and CAD design work for Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, and Lactose. After studying and working for 9 years in Paris, London, and New York, Todd finally came home to his family in BC. Upon his return his dream has been to carry ona cultural tradition of bringing knowledge to the people through northwest coast native art and its legends.  

northwest native canadian first nations art artist todd baker raven ---
Northwest Native Canadian First Nations Art Raven
bBy Todd Jason Baker as

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