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Northwest Coast Indian Art - Eagles & Other Birds

This is our showcase of Northwest Coast Indian art bird carvings. Important birds from Northwest Coast Indian culture include eagles, thunderbirds and ravens.

All pieces come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity - more details. Shipping is FREE within North America for most of our Northwest Coast Indian art bird carvings.

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and photos of our Northwest Coast Indian Art Bird Carvings

                                                                 image indian art bird carvings ---
----------                                   --------     Raven On Deer                                  
-----------                                    ---------  Shoulder Blade                                             

image northwest coast indian art carvings birds

Eagle on Fishing Hook Lure

image northwest coast indian art carvings fishing hooks

Eagle on Fishing Hook Lure

                                               bird wing frame
                                                     Bird Wing & Feather Frame

Northwest Indian carvings for clients who want extra special pieces - see our custom designed Northwest Coast Indian art page for details.

What Is Being Said About Our Northwest
Coast Indian Art Carvings

"A wonderful beautiful Salish carving, a
beautiful thing, thank you so much
A. Barnier, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"My carving arrived this afternoon safe and sound. You
are right, it is a wonderful piece. I am thoroughly pleased
and I know that my son is going to love it as much as I do
K. Routhier, Somerset, Manitoba

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