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Northwest Coast Native Art Region

Northwest Coast Native art is based on the cultures of the various groups of Northwest Native people who have inhabited the Pacific Northwest for generations. There are many tribes and divisions of Northwest Natives but they all fall into six major distinct groups; Tlingit, Tsimshian, Haida, Kwaguitl, West Coast (Nootka) and Coast Salish.

The geographical region of Northwest Natives starts from the southern parts of Alaska, extends along the Canadian west coast of British Columbia including Vancouver Island and goes down as far as the northern parts of Oregon state. The maps show this geographical region where Northwest Coast Native art comes from. The first map shows where the entire region is in relation to the North American continent while the second map displays the same region in greater detail. The six major groups of Northwest Natives are also shown in the second map. Click on each map to see enlarged versions.

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Most of the Northwest Coast Native art shown in the Free Spirit Gallery website is from the Squamish Nation which is part of the Coast Salish First Nations group.

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Northwest Coast Native artists are producing some stunning artwork these days. Imagine such a piece displayed in your home. See Northwest Coast Native art carvings or Northwest Coast Native art prints at very affordable online prices at Free Spirit Gallery.

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