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Northwest Coast Art At Vancouver International Airport

The Vancouver International Airport is very unique as it utilizes Northwest Coast art throughout its facility as part of its decor. Northwest Coast art represents the culture of the local Native people. Visitors arriving from overseas at the International Arrivals Terminal are greeted by large 17 feet high welcome figures. There are also totem poles outside the airport.

The most talked about piece at the airport is probably the huge bronze statue called The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, The Jade Canoe, by Bill Reid. It measures almost 20 feet in length and is over 12 feet high. See Vancouver Airport Northwest Coast Art for more details on this wonderful piece as well as others in the International Arrivals Terminal. An image of this piece was used on a Canada bank note issued in 2004. The white plaster casting of this sculpture is at the Museum of Civilization near Ottawa, Canada

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Passengers at the Domestic Arrivals Terminal are also treated to some excellent Northwest Coast art that was specially commissioned by the Vancouver International Airport. A few examples from this exhibit called Supernatural World: The Sea, the Land and the Sky, are shown on this page.

Below is Robert Davidson's 'Hugging The World' which features eagle and raven heads back to back. This piece represents the Sky. It was completed in 1999 and is 40 feet across. The length of the two heads beak to beak is 10 feet.

robert davidson northwest coast art robert davidson
Northwest Coast Art 'Hugging The World' by Robert Davidson

Below is a thunderbird that was completed in 1998 by Richard Hunt. This Northwest Coast art piece is 9 feet high. He also did a 16 foot long killer whale the same year for this airport project. This particular piece shown below was installed beside the thunderbird. The thunderbird is shown swooping down to eat the killer whale. Both of these pieces represent the Sea.

richard hunt northwest coast art thunderbird richard hunt
Northwest Coast Art Thunderbird by Richard Hunt

Also located in the same area of the terminal is a giant 7 foot bear and human mask by Dempsey Bob. This very striking carving is shown below left. This plus another similar piece represent the Land which is shared by both humans and bears.

northwest coast art carving ------ richard hunt northwest coast art killer whale richard hunt
Northwest Coast Art ------------------ Northwest Coast Art Killer Whale -----------
Bear & Human Mask ----------------------------- by Richard Hunt -----------------------
----- by Dempsey Bob --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Robert Davidson, Richard Hunt and Dempsey Bob are three of the most established and respected Northwest Coast artists today (Robert also designed a Canadian gold coin with Northwest Coast Art). Their artwork as well as those by other Northwest Coast artists at the Vancouver International Airport helps give visitors that lasting impression of BC's natural beauty and scenery.

Today's Northwest Coast artists are producing stunning works of art. Just imagine having such a piece being displayed in your home. See Northwest Coast art carvings or Northwest Coast art prints at very affordable online prices at Free Spirit Gallery.

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