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Northwest Native Canadian Art Animal Design - Page 2

The previous page looked at Northwest Native Canadian art animal eyes, ears and noses. This page continues with other body parts.

Tongues can also have a range of form and may be drawn protruding from the animal’s mouth or beak. An interesting note is when a raven bird’s tongue includes a circular disc, the Northwest Native Canadian artist is portraying the bird as the bringer of the sun, moon or fire.

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Extremities such as claws of birds, flippers of killer whales, feet of animals and hands of humans can be a major part of a Northwest Native Canadian art piece. The entire limb such as an arm or leg often includes an ovoid as the main joint connecting to the body. Limbs to which extremities are attached to can sometimes be drawn quite minimally by Northwest Native Canadian artists. In these cases, the extremities would often be joined to the subject’s body via a bent line. This bent line, similar to a hinge, represents the flexed position of the limb. Below are examples of Northwest Native Canadian art limbs. The last photo is an example where the limb is minimalized.

northwest native canadian art leg ------ northwest native canadian art arm -------northwest native canadian art flipper ------------- northwest native canadian art leg ---- -
Examples of Northwest Native -- Example of Northwest - Example of Northwest
--- Canadian Art Leg & Arm ----- Native Canadian Art ----Native Canadian Art
------------------------------------------ Flipper ---------------------- Leg

Bird feathers are generally elongated U-forms that may have split U-forms within. Most wings of birds utilize the ovoid and U-form shape combination where the ovoid is the joint and the U-form will have feathers attached to it. Bird tails are often similar with an ovoid serving as the tail joint and multiple feathers extending from it. Below are examples of Northwest Native Canadian art bird parts with feathers.

northwest native canadian art wing ----------- northwest native canadian art wing ---------- northwest native canadian art wing ----------- northwest native canadian art feathers
Examples of Northwest Native Canadian Art Wings & Feathers

As we look closer at Northwest Native Canadian art pieces and notice the various basic elements such as colors, shapes used and how the different parts are put together, we get a much greater appreciation of the skills of Northwest Native Canadian artists. This helps us admire and enjoy Northwest Native Canadian art that much more.

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