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Eskimo Art First Nations Aboriginal Art Gallery Newsletter
May 2008 Issue

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May 2008

As mentioned in last month’s gallery newsletter, it turns out that my local city hall has a nice collection of Native Woodlands art. Here’s the article with the photos I took of some of the artwork including one by Norval Morrisseau. The article also has links to previous articles which show the Inuit art and Northwest Native art from this collection.

Native Woodlands Art at Mississauga City Hall

Northwest Native carver Cody Mathias also finished another custom project for us. A customer wanted a carving of a marbled murrelet which is an endangered small seabird. She wanted us to commission Cody to make this carving as a college graduation gift for her son. You can see this carving at the bottom of the following page;

Custom First Nations Art

Cody also shipped us several new carvings including bears, killerwhales and a rare wolf. The wolf was quickly snapped up by a subscriber of this newsletter. This demonstrates the advantage of knowing about new arrivals through this newsletter before anybody else so getting on our free newsletter mailing list is definitely worthwhile (see the boxes above). You can access all new arrivals including many new Inuit pieces from the following page;

New Arrivals of Aboriginal Art

Here are still some more video clips from the Canadian Aboriginal Festival in Toronto. The first one shows one of the finals from the women’s dance competition. The second is more tribal dancing by the men. And the third is something different – some music sung and played by two Native musicians. See these videos at;

Women’s Finals Native Dance

Men Tribal Dancing

Native Music

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