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Inuit Art Native Indian Art Gallery Newsletter
June 2009 Issue

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June 2009

As promised on our blog, we wanted to share with you our overall position in response to the current recession.  As you can appreciate, art is a luxury and with these tough economic times, we realize that acquiring new works of Inuit art or Northwest Native art will not be a priority.
As a gallery, we will keep our current collection available but will likely not be acquiring any new works until we see evidence of recovery.  We will still try to accommodate any special requests for pieces we do not currently have.  Our prices still remain at very attractive online only levels.  So for the type of works we have, Free Spirit Gallery is still the best place to look first.

We will continue to position our website as an education resource on native art.  If you haven’t checked out our many articles and videos, please do so because there’s enough at our site to keep you entertained for hours.  We will keep adding more such resources and announce them on this newsletter as time goes on.

Since you have taken advantage of our free ebooks on native art, you will notice that Free Spirit Gallery is not just about art as we have a publishing division as well.  In addition to the two books on art, I’ve written two more books.  One is geared strictly to individuals who want to enter the pharmaceutical sales industry since I spent many years in that field before starting Free Spirit Gallery.  The other is a new book called ‘The Life Champion In You’ which is a motivational book for all.

As you will probably agree, given the tough times, we can all use a bit of motivation these days.  In fact, I was just interviewed recently about this very topic and it was captured in a MP3 file that you can download.  

I invite you to listen to this interview and if you know of others who could use some motivation, feel free to pass them the same link so that they can download it as well.  Here’s the link to the webpage where you can access this MP3 file.

Motivational Radio Podcast Interview


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