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Inuit Art Native Indian Art Gallery Newsletter
June 2008 Issue

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June 2008

My computer fried last month after a power outage here and even though I was not able to update the gallery website for a week, all my files were fortunately salvaged. This is a major relief since all the photos and video footage of Inuit art were already downloaded into my computer. With the successful recovery of the data, here are two new articles featuring some of the Inuit art from this great collection;

Inuit Sculptures of Arctic Animals

Inuit Drawings

Towards the end of last month, several new pieces of Inuit sculptures were brought into the gallery including Inuit hunters, Arctic fish, inukshuk, dancing bears and muskox. We haven't had any Inuit hunters or muskox here for quite some time. A listing of these new pieces is at;

New Arrivals of Inuit Art

Subscribers of this free monthly newsletter were informed of price reductions on many of our Inuit art pieces and several collectors ended up with really nice pieces at great prices. This is yet another benefit of being a subscriber since you will be informed of such specials before anybody else on the web.

The final two videos clips from the Canadian Aboriginal Festival are now online. The first one shows another shot at the finals from the women's dance competition. The second is the third video on what seems to be a favourite, the ladies' jingle dress dancing. See these videos at;

Women's Finals Aboriginal Dance

More Ladies' Jingle Dress Dancing

Free Spirit Gallery does not carry Native American Kachina dolls but we do recommend certain sources for them. One of these sources, Arizona Kachina Dolls, seem to be having a sale since many of their prices have been reduced on Kachina dolls of various sizes. They also have dreamcatchers and jewelry. Check them out at:

Kachina Dolls Sale

More Inuit art will be out next month and hopefully, another custom project by Northwest native master carver Cody Mathias will be ready for viewing.


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