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Inuit Native Aboriginal Art Gallery Newsletter
July 2008 Issue

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July 2008

I'm still learning my way around my new Mac computer and haven't gotten around to the video editing software yet so video of Inuit art will not be ready for this month.

However, since learning how to update the Native Aboriginal art gallery website was one of the priorities when I switched over from PC to Mac, I do know how to create new articles for our gallery website.  Here are two more articles showing more pieces.  They are both two pagers so don't forget to access the second pages to see more artwork;

Inuit Hunters Artwork

Inuit Ivory and Bone 

On another note, I was saddened to see a recent CBC news segment on an Inuit community called Puvirnituq in Nunavik (Arctic Quebec).  It seems that suicides among the Inuit youth are still a major issue. 

Because of the isolation and lack of opportunities up there, Inuit youth are turning to drugs and alcohol which starts them on the road downhill.  A serious shortage of housing also
contributes to this as many cramped houses shelter up to 20 individuals. 

Some Inuit 'escape' their northern communities and head down to Canadian cities such as Montreal.  But they quickly find themselves left out on the streets in the big city as well.  A few Inuit successful enough to get a college education, have returned back to the Arctic north to try and help out their communities.  But progress is slow as government aid is presently quite limited.

This is why those of us in the native art community as both galleries and collectors, should try to continue to support Inuit art as much as possible.  Every little bit helps.  They have an
amazing culture and sometimes they just have to be reminded of it with our support. 

Our Inuit art at the gallery is divided into two main areas, sculptures and prints.  Interestingly enough, one of the Inuit prints we currently have at the gallery was produced in the
community of Puvirnituq.

Inuit Sculptures 

Inuit Art Prints 

There will definitely be more in our Native Aboriginal art newsletter next month.

Until then,


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