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February 2009 Issue

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February 2009

When one thinks of native masks, one would rarely consider the Central American country of Costa Rica as a source of indigenous artwork.  But it turns out that the Boruca natives located on the east coast of Costa Rica are in fact expert native mask makers.

Free Spirit Gallery of course does not deal with native art from Costa Rica but we are pleased to announce a new partner called Down To Earth which specializes in Costa Rican native artwork and products.  They are based in Costa Rica with an office in Miami, Florida.  Their Boruca native masks are definitely worth looking at and would be a nice addition to any native art mask collection.  Check out some images of Boruca native masks at our website at;

Costa Rican Native Tribal Masks

Now for something totally different this month, I have finally jumped on the social media bandwagon and have just started on Facebook as well as LinkedIn.  If you would like to expand your network on either of these sites, feel free to go to my profile pages and add me as a connection.  Just add a quick note that you know me through Free Spirit Gallery so I will recognize you.  These days, you can't have too few contacts.

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