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Inuit Art Native American Art Gallery Newsletter
December 2007 Issue

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December 2007

One of my favorite artists is master carver Paul Joseph of the Squamish Nation in BC. Unfortunately, when times are tough for native artists, many of them have to take on full time jobs that take them away from their art.

Paul had to take a nightshift job this year as a security guard which resulted in a very long delay in getting new artwork from him.

We have been waiting since February and it took him this long to finally finish the carvings he promised us. Well, I finally got them in just two weeks ago but there was a scare. FedEx claimed that they delivered the package and left it on my porch when I stepped out for a few hours. When I returned, there was no box.

I thought that somebody stole the shipment but 24 hours later, the large box was sitting at my front door. FedEx had misdirected the shipment on delivery day. What a relief especially when all of the carvings arrived undamaged.

Paul is the only carver I know who is specializing in bird carvings with their wings majestically spread out. His new carvings can now be admired at the following sections of our gallery;

Native American Art Eagles & Other Birds

Native American Art Bears

If you are interested in acquiring one of Paul's beautiful pieces, better hurry and secure your choice NOW because the last time I had any of his spread wing carvings was last year and they sold out very quickly. Due to his work schedule, I probably won't be getting
anymore for quite some time.

A rare beaver carving was quickly sold so it definitely pays to be on this newsletter list in order to be among the first to know about new arrivals.

Here are the new videos online for this month which feature some Native longhouses from the Museum of Civilization;

Northwest Native American Indian House

Northwest Native American Longhouse and Totem Pole

New articles with still images include one on large Northwest Native wall murals and one on Woodland Native art;

Northwest Native American Art Wall Murals

Woodland Native Art

Finally, if you are shopping for the holiday season, I would urge you to do it NOW in order to take delivery time into account. Don't be disappointed with late deliveries. If artwork is not in the budget, there are always new 2008 calendars that make nice gifts;

Native American Art and Related 2008 Calendars

Inuit Art and Arctic Related 2008 Calendars

Newsletters for early 2008 should feature video and articles from the Canadian Aboriginal Festival, the largest of its kind in Canada so stay tuned.

I wish you and your family a safe, wonderful holiday season,

Clint Leung

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