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Native American Culture West Art Gallery Newsletter
August 2009 Issue

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August 2009

I was speaking to college students recently and some told me that they were seeing increasing numbers of native aboriginal students on campus.  This is a great sign for all.  It's obviously great for the native communities since having more educated individuals will only help build their communities, lower their rates of unemployment and increase their pride levels.  More successful native people will in turn influence more native youth to get higher educations as well.

This trend is also good for other students who are not native.  The addition of native students bring another interesting element to the overall diversity mix which helps all students learn more about each other as they get exposed to different cultures both in the classrooms as well as in campus cultural and artistic events.

The native Americans have certainly come a long way and as mentioned in last month's newsletter, Discovery Channel has done some good things in helping people understand Native American culture better.   In addition to the 4-DVD set called Cowboy Country, I found a Ken Burns series simply called The West.  This celebrated filmmaker brings the story of the American West to life as only he can.   

He covers America's westward expansion and how this migration affected native people.   He even recounts stories about the events of Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee. 

See Cowboy Country and The West for more information.

Until then,


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