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Gemstones Used In Navajo and Other
Southwest Indian Jewelry

One of the most popular artforms among the Southwest Indian tribes is jewelry. Navajo jewelry in particular, has the most prominent reputation among all Southwest Indian jewelry with pendants, bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

There are some regularly used gemstones found in Navajo and other Southwest Indian jewelry including turquoise, hematite, jasper, malachite, aventurine, amethyst and rhodonite. This article gives a brief description as well as the Southwest Indian spiritual significances behind each gemstone.

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Of course, blue color turquoise is probably the most common gemstone used in Navajo and other Southwest Indian jewelry. Turquoise is thought to promote healing and good luck. It is a stone that is also used in Southwest Indian religious ceremonies.

Hematite is a metallic gray color stone. It is used to revitalize and energize with positive effects on the bloodstream. The brownish red jasper stone is considered nurturing and protects against negativity. Jasper also promotes healing to the kidneys, liver, spleen and bladder.

Malachite, which comes in dark greens, clarifies emotions, removes obstructions and facilitates insights. This gemstone also represents fidelity and loyalty. Adventurine, which comes in light greens, boosts tranquility and releases anxiety or fear. It is a stone that promotes decisiveness and leadership.

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The purple color amethyst aids intuition, conducts peaceful energy and interestingly enough, encourages freedom from addictions. Finally, rhodonite, which is a rose color stone with black and brown specs promotes positive thinking. Rhodonite is said to also help in regaining mental stability and overcoming difficulties.

These gemstones are often embedded in silver pieces such as in a bracelet or pendant. A silver background certainly makes the gemstone really stand out in Southwest Indian jewelry piece. As with other forms of jewelry, it is highly recommended to purchase Navajo and other Southwest Indian jewelry only from reputable sources in order to ensure authenticity.

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