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Native Canadian Art Coins - Page 2

The second $200 Canadian gold coin done for the 'Native Cultures & Traditions' series and released in 1998 was designed by Mi'kmaq artist Alan Syliboy of Nova Scotia in Eastern Maritimes Canada. The Native Canadian art design depicts a butterfly/man which represents the freedom of the soul to wander and flies in the ray of Grandfather Sun, the giver of life.

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The third coin from this series was released in 1999 and featured a design by Alberta's Alex Janvier, a Chipewyan Native Canadian artist. This design is based the legend of the White Buffalo. When a White Buffalo is born, the people will awaken to the light and Mother Earth will be healed. Alex portrayed the buffalo coming alive and leaping into action which is symbolic for the new and promising future for Native people in Western Canada.

There have been Canadian coins featuring designs with Native Canadian art images by non-Native artists as well. The January 1999 Canadian 25 cent quarter called "A Country Enfolds" was designed by Peter Ka-Kin Poon of Alymer, Quebec and portrays Canada's evolution in four images that together form 1999. A West Coast Native Canadian art totem pole was used for the "1" while a Native chief head was the first "9".


The February 1999 Canadian quarter entitled "Etched in Stone" was designed by Lonnie Springer of Calgary and depicts Native petroglyphs at the Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park in Alberta. These images are thousand year old records of Canada's Native heritage and spirituality. These two coins designed by two non-Natives support the importance of Native Canadian art as part of the overall culture of Canada.

native canadian art coin --- native canadian art coin
Native Canadian Art Images On Canadian 25 Cent Coins

If you are a coin collector, we recommend Govmint.com as they are the largest source of worldwide coins.  Typing in the words 'native american', 'indian' and 'aboriginal' in their search box will come up with native themed coins.

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