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Native American Indian Weapons
Tomahawks Bows Arrows

An interesting addition to your Native American Indian art collection would be a nice replica of the weapons that were used including tomahawks, bows and arrows.

Free Spirit Gallery does not carry Native American Indian weapons but recommends two reputable sources for them.  

Swords.com, based in Rhode Island, USA is one of the largest suppliers of swords and related weapons of all types including some nicely made Native American tomahawks (axes).  Click on their link below and then navigate to the 'Weapons' and then 'Native American' links on their website.

Armor Venue, based in Minnesota, USA is another supplier of weapons and armor including both tomahawks as well as bow and arrow sets in the Native American style.  Click on their link below and then navigate to the 'Tomahawks' link under the 'Old West & Colonial' section at the left sidebar of their website.

-image native american indian weapons tomahawks tomahawk ax axe-------image native american indian weapons tomahawk tomahawks ax axe

------ Native American Weapons   ---------- Native American Weapons
------   at Swords.com        ----------------    at Armor Venue

image native american indian weapons bows arrows

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Free Spirit Gallery has magnificent Native Indian art carvings from the Pacific Northwest and Inuit sculptures from the Arctic north.

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