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Native American Indian Culture & Art Videos

Pacific Northwest Native Indian Art - Collection of Northwest Native carvings

Pacific Northwest Native American Art - Prints and paintings of Northwest Native art

Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art - Drums and carvings by Robert Davidson

Pacific Northwest Coastal Tribal Masks and Art - Old tribal masks from 1700s/1800s

Northwest Indian Art Haida Bowls - Old Haida bowls from late 1700s to early 1800s

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Native American Indian Cherokee War Dance - Featuring group from North Carolina

Canadian Aboriginal Art of Pole Carving - Demonstrated by Mohawk Native Carver

Native American Indian Tribal Dancing - Featuring Huron Wendat Nation dancers

Canadian First Nations Mohawk Native Dance - From First Peoples Festival

Native American Indian Peace Pipe Dance - Interesting Native dance with peace pipes

Ancient Native American Indian Tool Making - Demonstrating stone tool making

Canadian Aboriginal Native Music Video - Native drummers and singers

Click any image or link below to start viewing our beautiful selection of Northwest Native American Indian art

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Native Canadian Indian Art Pole Carving Video - Métis sculptor and his work

Native American Indian Stick Dance Video - Using sticks in American Indian dance

Northwest Native Indian Totem Pole - Large old totem on display at McCord Museum

West Coast Native Art Fishing Hooks - Nicely designed old native fishing hooks

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii - 360 degree view of Bill Reid's masterpiece

Northwest Native Indian Masks - Old pieces at Museum of Civilization

Giant Pacific Northwest Native Indian Beaver - Huge sculpture at museum

Northwest Native Tribal Masks - More impressive masks at museum's collection

Northwest Native American Art Canoes - Awesome artwork on Indian boats

Northwest Native American Indian Animal Totem Pole - Totem part of house

Pacific Northwest Native Haida Argilllite Carvings - At Museum of Civilization

Northwest Native Aboriginal Artifacts - Including tribal masks and bentwood boxes

Canadian Native Indian Art - By Norval Morrisseau at Museum of Civilization

Pacific Northwest Native Indian House - Tsimshian art on house front

Northwest Coast Native Aboriginal Longhouse - Complete with totem pole

Native American Indian Pow Wow Drums Music - Powerful native music

Grand Entry of First Nations Dancers - At Canadian Aboriginal Festival

Native American Dance Competition Jingle Dress - Women jingle dress division

Native American Traditional Jingle Dress Dance - More traditional style

Native American Indian Women Dance - Competition with the ladies

Native Indian Pow Wow Dancers - Energetic male dancers

Native American Indian Dance - Men traditional division

Native American Ladies Dance - Another round of ladies competition

Native American Indian Dancing - Lots of spinning with this dance

Native American Indian Tribal Dance - More from the men

Native American Senior Elders Men Dance - Native dancing by the senior men

Native American Senior Elder Women Dance - Dancing by the senior women

Native American Pow Wow Dance - Women competition finals

Native American Tribal Dancers - Closer view of men tribal dance

Native American Music - A nice song by a duel

First Nations Jingle Dress Dancers - More jingle dress women

Aboriginal Dancers Final - Another clip at the women's finals competition

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