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Northwest Indian Art Drawings at Mississauga
Civic Centre (City Hall)

The Mississauga Civic Centre (City Hall) near Toronto in Ontario, has a small number of Northwest Indian art drawings as prints among its collection of Canadian native art. For a detailed information about this Native Indian art form, see Elements of Northwest Indian Art. Below are photos of these limited edition art prints.

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Since all the prints are behind glass frames, the photos were shot at angles to avoid the flash from showing up in the middle of the artworks. The first print is simply called 'Killerwhale' by Tony Hunt in 1978.

image Northwest Indian Art Drawings Mississauga Civic Centre City Hall Toronto Ontario killerwhale tony hunt
Northwest Indian Art Drawing 'Killerwhale' by Tony Hunt

The next one is also by Northwest Indian artist Tony Hunt and is called the 'Raven and Killerwhale' done in 1973. It shows a classic scene of the raven sitting on top of the killerwhale.

image Northwest Indian Art Drawings Mississauga Civic Centre City Hall Toronto Ontario raven killerwhale tony hunt
'Raven & Killerwhale' by Tony Hunt

The third Northwest Indian art drawing below is called 'Haida Raven' by one of the most influential Canadian Native artists, Bill Reid and was done in 1972. Bill Reid was the creator of the magnificent Spirit of Haida Gwaii sculpture.

image Northwest Indian Art Drawings Mississauga Civic Centre City Hall Toronto Ontario bill reid haida raven
Northwest Indian Art Drawing 'Haida Raven' by Bill Reid

The Mississauga Civic Centre also has a pretty nice collection of Inuit art from Cape Dorset and Woodlands Native art.

Northwest Indian artists are producing some stunning Northwest Indian art these days. Imagine displaying such a piece in your home. See Northwest Indian art carvings or Northwest Indian art drawings at very affordable online prices at Free Spirit Gallery.

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