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Locating Specific Inuit Art For Our Customers

If there is a specific piece or type of contemporary Inuit art that you are looking for and it is not currently in our online gallery of Inuit sculptures or Inuit prints, there's a possibility that we can locate it for you. Free Spirit Gallery has numerous sources of authentic, original Inuit art including both sculptures and prints. Below are examples of three cases where Free Spirit Gallery was able to find specific Inuit art pieces for customers.

A customer in Ontario was seeking a retirement gift for a friend who likes Inuit art. Our customer knew that his friend would most appreciate an Inuit art sculpture with a family theme. Given this criteria and a set budget, Free Spirit Gallery found about a dozen possible Inuit sculptures that featured a mother with child and other similar family themed subjects. Images were e-mailed over to our customer. This customer settled on a very unique Inuit art sculpture of a female drum dancer with her baby being carried on her back. This piece is shown below.

inuit art sculpture
Inuit Art Sculpture of Drum Dancer
With Baby by Aisa Aupaluktuk

A seasoned Inuit art collector in Nova Scotia wanted a large Inuit sculpture as a centerpiece featuring a hunter with some sort of Arctic wildlife. Images with varying angles showing a total of sixteen different large Inuit sculptures of hunters with polar bears, seals and other wildlife were sent over to our customer.

The Inuit sculpture of a fisherman with a large Arctic fish shown below was the piece finally chosen. This incredible piece of Inuit art was about 18 inches high, 15 inches by 8 inches at the base and weighed in at a hefty 35 pounds.

inuit art sculpture
Inuit Art Sculpture of Fisherman
by Jobie Uqaituk

Since Free Spirit Gallery tends to overpack in order to minimize any breakage during shipping, a system involving injected foam which formed a custom mold for the Inuit sculpture was utilized during the packing of this huge piece. By the time packing was completed, the box weighed 53 pounds and was 33 inches high. This Inuit fisherman sculpture arrived safely at our customer's destination and we were told that a custom table was specifically built to showcase this striking piece.

Sometimes, we get requests for subjects that are not as common as say polar bears. One example was a request of an Inuit art sculpture of an owl. We found the piece below which our customer was so delighted with as it was to be used as a Christmas present for his wife.

image inuit art sculpture owls
Inuit Art Sculpture of Owls
by Sangani Oshuituk

In addition to Inuit sculptures, Free Spirit Gallery is also able to locate specific Inuit art prints for clients as well. A customer based in Nevada was looking for Inuit art prints but didn't want scenes that showed any hunting activities. Free Spirit Gallery located some potential Inuit art prints featuring wildlife and Arctic camp scenes. We sent images of about ten different Inuit prints to this customer and the Inuit camp scene shown was selected.

inuit art print
Inuit Art Print of Camp by Echalook Nutaraluk

Locating specific pieces of Inuit art for company functions is a specialty of ours. More and more companies are using Inuit art as corporate business gifts, especially for recognizing special employees or as presents for international clients (see the photo of the set of inukshuk sculptures as an example via the link in this paragraph).

Once we locate suitable Inuit art for our customers, the prices we quote are still 20% to 50% below what average street retail galleries would demand. So if there's a certain piece of Inuit art that you are looking for and can't find it in our gallery, feel free to contact us for possible assistance.

Free Spirit Gallery can also locate specific pieces including arranging special commissions for custom designed Northwest Native Indian art for our clients.

Inuit artists are producing some stunning Inuit art these days. Imagine displaying such a carving in your home. See Inuit carvings or Inuit prints at very affordable online prices at Free Spirit Gallery.

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