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'An Overview of Canadian Arctic Inuit Art'

Free eBook! -----image book ebook inuit art eskimo arctic ----- Free eBook!

Free Spirit Gallery is pleased to offer a new 30 page eBook (electronic book) titled 'An Overview of Canadian Arctic Inuit Art' written by Clint Cora. This very informative eBook covers;

- History of art from the Canadian Arctic
- Evolution of contemporary Inuit sculpture and art prints
- Materials used in Inuit sculpture
- The different styles of Inuit art
- Geographic locations of major Inuit art producing communities
- Factors that determine prices of Inuit art
- Investment potential and value of older Inuit art
- Telling the difference between real authentic Inuit art and imitations
- Tips on buying and shopping for Inuit art
- Interior decorating with Inuit art
- Listing of permanent Inuit art exhibitions
- Numerous color images of authentic Inuit artwork

This eBook is absolutely free! (as is our other eBook on Northwest Native art) It even comes with resell and distribution rights allowing anyone to sell or freely distribute it to others.

To get instructions on how to download a free copy of 'An Overview of Canadian Arctic Inuit Art', simply sign up below for access and then click on the button.

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