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Origin of Native American Dreamcatcher

It is believed that the origin of the Native American dreamcatcher (or Indian dreamcatchers) is from the Ojibway Chippewa tribe. The Ojibway would tie strands of sinew string around a frame of bent wood that was in a small round or tear drop shape. The patterns of the dreamcatcher would be similar to how these Native Americans tied the webbing for their snowshoes.

Traditionally, Native American dreamcatchers were only a few inches in diameter and it would be finished with a feather hanging from the webbing. Wrapping the frame in leather would be pretty common too as another finishing touch.

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Originally, Native American Ojibway dreamcatchers were made as a charm to protect sleeping children from nightmares. The legend is that the dreamcatcher will catch one’s dreams in the night. The bad dreams will get caught in the dreamcatcher’s webbing and disappear with the morning sun.

Meanwhile, the good dreams will find their way to the center of the dreamcatcher and float down the feather. The Native American dreamcatcher is therefore considered a filter allowing only good, pleasant dreams to get through. Dreamcatchers are also believed to bless those who are sleeping with good luck and harmony.

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Native American Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers started to get popular in other Native American tribes such as Cherokee, Lakota and Navajo. Today, dreamcatchers are made in practically every Native Indian tribe in the United States and Canada. Pretty well any Native American event such as pow wows or festivals will have authentic dreamcatchers for sale. The Native American dreamcatcher was even featured in an episode of the Star Trek Voyageur television science fiction series.

However, like many other Native Indian crafts, cheaply made dreamcatchers have been recently mass produced by non-natives and foreign souvenir producers in Asia. So it is very important when shopping on the internet for a Native American dreamcatcher that one deals only with reputable businesses dealing with authentic dreamcatchers made by Native American artisans (see our webpage that identifies reputable sources of authentic Indian dream catchers).

In addition to children’s nurseries, Native American dreamcatchers today are hung in windows, heads of beds, walls and even on the rear view mirrors of vehicles.

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