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Discovery Channel Native American Wild West Cowboy DVDs

Discovery Channel has some really nice DVDs about history of the wild west including Native American life.  

Saddle up for an unforgettable ride along the rugged trails, rolling prairies and wide-open ranges of the real American West. Meet legendary heroes, warriors and scoundrels. Visit frontier towns, outposts and tribal villages. And relive the events that made the American West legendary around the globe.

Discover's Cowboy Country features a 4-DVD set narrated by Barry Corbin.  Vivid reenactments, historic photos and films.  Includes: Western Migration, The American Cowboy. The Native Americans, and American Journeys.  This DVD set is packed with vivid reenactments, colorful characters, historic images and fascinating facts.  This unique four-DVD set takes you on a rare journey through the West of yesterday and today.

Click on the image link below to see more information on this DVD set at Discovery.

Cowboy Country DVD Set

There is also another DVD set by Ken Burns called The West.  The story of America's West is one of a nation's prosperity, ingenuity, and growth. Ken Burns sifts through photos, letters, diaries, and historical records to chronicle intriguing and compelling stories. From the first European advance to the dawn of the 20th Century,

Burns details grand and personal experiences alike. The story of America's westward expansion involves more than the European settlers who braved the journey. Discover how this migration affected the indigenous people and the rest of the world.

This program covers the expansion of the colonies through to the dawn of the 20th Century. The heroes and villains are real, but larger than life.Ken Burns (Jazz, Baseball) brings the story of the American West to life as only he can. With diaries, photos, letters, and other archival materials, he recounts the major and lesser known stories.

Hear about the events of Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee. Discover the impact that the Civil War had on the region. See the building of the transcontinental railroad. Meet bandits, religious pioneers, Native American leaders, and the simple people that took the chance to brave the land.

The set includes the complete series. Narration is provided by Peter Coyote (The Dark Knight), Matthew Broderick (The Producers), Ossie Davis (Do The Right Thing), and many others. These actors and others give voice to the many characters of the West, including Brigham Young, John Sutter, and Crazy Horse.  

Click on the image below to see details of The West DVD set at the Discovery site.

Ken Burns Presents The West DVD Set

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