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Custom Design Canadian Aboriginal Art - Page 3

One of the legendary creatures in North America of course is the Sasquatch.  One client wanted a custom design of one with the Northwest Canadian aboriginal art style.  Master carver Cody Mathias took this challenge up and the resulting 24 inch carving is shown below.

image custom design canadian aboriginal art sasquatch ----- image custom design canadian aboriginal art sasquatch

Custom Design Canadian Aboriginal Art
Sasquatch by Cody Mathias

One of the largest custom projects that Cody has done is a flying raven that was also commissioned for a client.  This particular Canadian aboriginal art raven is three feet across at the wings.

image custom canadian aboriginal art raven

Custom Canadian Aboriginal Art Raven
by Cody Mathias

If a custom designed Canadian aboriginal art piece interests you, feel free to contact us at Free Spirit Gallery to discuss possibilities. These extra special projects can be wood carvings (plaques, bowls, masks, totems, rattles) or original paintings and drawings.

Free Spirit Gallery can also locate specific Inuit art pieces for our customers.

More Clients Who Had Special
Commissioned Custom Design
Canadian Aboriginal Art Pieces

"We received the Sasquatch carving yesterday, and I
am extremely pleased with it.  Cody Mathias did a
terrific job on it!  
I couldn't be happier."
J. Rowland, Bothell, WA

"It looks fantastic!  I love the way the rough chisel cuts
catch the light.   I love the way he painted it and where he
has made cuts that are unpainted -
so the cedar shows
through - it seems to glow gold in the light.  The detail of
the design is so beautiful.  It will be the centerpiece of our
lake house.  Someday, we hope to live there full time with
our raven.  Thank you for the work you and Cody have
done for us.  We couldn't be more pleased
D. Befus, Calgary, Alberta

See what some of our other customers are saying about us!

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