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Canadian Aboriginal Arts - Inuit Art

Free Spirit Gallery focuses mainly on beautiful current contemporary Inuit and Northwest Coast Salish Native art, both Canadian aboriginal arts. As with other fine art galleries, Free Spirit Gallery stocks only original, one of a kind pieces and therefore no printed catalogues exist. Current available artwork is displayed in our website.

About Info On Older Artwork You Have

We do not research buy or have information on older artwork and do not appraise current market values of such pieces - please do NOT call us for this (please scroll down to see note in red text at the bottom of this page for more details).

We do not have a retail location or showroom since we are an exclusively online business (which is why our prices are so attractive). However, it is possible to arrange appointments in the greater Toronto area to view artwork.

Free Spirit Gallery can be contacted by sending an e-mail to gallery (at) freespiritgallery.ca - replacing the (at) of course.

(please see above text in red first before calling
and again, we do NOT have a street retail location)

If You Are A Native Artist - contact us via email, not by phone

Our telephone number is 905-814-5763, but if you are inquiring about selling your older artwork pieces, please do not call us - instead, scroll down to the red text further down this webpage for possible direction.  If we do not answer, we will make every possible effort to contact you back as soon as possible.  

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To repeat, if you are located in the GTA, we do offer personal onsite service either at your home or office (YOUR site, NOT ours).  It is NOT possible to come visit us for viewing artwork since we don't have a street gallery location - that's why our prices are so good!


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Northwest Coast Salish Art
Killer Whale Carving

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selection of Inuit art and Canadian Aboriginal art

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'An Overview of Pacific Northwest Native Indian Art'
'An Overview of Canadian Arctic Inuit Art'

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See Our Native Art Videos

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Inuit Art Sculptures ---- About our Artwork ---- Northwest Native
- from the Arctic ------ at Free Spirit Gallery ---- Indian Carvings

Note - If you have older artwork and wish to find out more about the artist, we suggest that you contact the Canadian government's Ministry of Indian & Northern Affairs since they have a large database of both Inuit and Indian artists.

If you are trying to determine the current value of older Inuit art, see the article Value of Older Inuit Art. The contacts in this article are helpful for older Native and aboriginal art as well.

Please do not contact us for appraisals or if selling an older piece. We are not set up for this. We will only refer you back to the same contacts mentioned in this article as they will be your best source of information.

[Just for your information, the term Eskimo is now considered derogatory in the Canadian north and has been replaced by the more acceptable term Inuit. Eskimo is used throughout this website only as a reference term for our international customers who may not be aware of the term Inuit.]

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