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Canadian Corporate Business Gifts
Inuit Art Symbolic of Canada

Since Canadian companies are becoming more and more competitive in the global marketplace, the use of corporate business gifts for our international overseas as well as US based customers has become standard business practice. So the question in many Canadian company boardrooms might be, “What would be the best corporate business gifts that are symbolic of Canada?”

Inuit art is often one of the top choices as Canadian business gifts but even within the world of our Arctic based indigenous art, there is a large range in terms of art subjects. What we recommend to Canadian companies thinking about giving Inuit art as corporate business gifts to foreign clients is to narrow down the range to two main subjects that are most symbolic of Canada.

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The first choice would be an Inuit art sculpture of a polar bear. The polar bear has become one of the greatest symbols of Canada and is usually the favorite. A nice size polar bear sculpture would certainly be a great Canadian ambassador of goodwill. For international clients who are relatively unexposed to Canadian Inuit art, we would further suggest polar bears in classic walking positions rather than the more artistically adventurous dancing bears. Dancing polar bear sculptures tend to be more of a collector’s item for those who are already familiar with Inuit art.

image Canadian Corporate Business Gifts Inuit Art From Canada polar bear sculpture toronto
Walking Polar Bear Inuit Art Sculpture

Our second choice for a corporate business gift from Canada would be an Inuit inukshuk carving which is another great symbol of the Canadian Arctic. However, most international corporate clients may not be familiar with the Inuit inukshuk so some education might be required. But if one wants to present a unique Canadian business gift, then the odd shape of an inukshuk carving just might fit.

image Canadian Corporate Business Gifts Inuit Art From Canada inukshuk carvings toronto --- Canadian Corporate Business Gifts Inuit Art From Canada inukshuk carving toronto
Inuit Art Inukshuk Carvings

The Inuit inukshuk is gaining international recognition due to publicity of the official mascot for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. As these Olympics near, more and more people around the world will come to be somewhat familiar with this mascot. Presenting an authentic Inuit inukshuk carving which the Winter Olympic mascot is based on, can become very special and help build your company’s status overseas.

For more information on gift giving with artwork, see our article on Inuit Art as Corporate Business Gifts.

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