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Authenticity of Inuit Art - Canadian Native Art - Page 2

Imitations of Inuit art Eskimo sculptures were recently spotted for sale in shops located at major Canadian airports. From a distance, these Inuit art sculptures of hunters, polar bears and Inuit women with children looked very authentic. However, each piece had several identical copies on the same shelf.

To avoid accidentally buying a fake or imitation, it is suggested that consumers buy Inuit art and Canadian Native art from only reputable galleries and dealers rather than from tourist souvenir shops. A piece of original, authentic Inuit art or Canadian Native art is one of a kind. There should be no other identical pieces on the shelves.

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In addition, original Inuit art carvings should come with an Igloo tag (or sticker) which is a Canadian government registered trademark. Inuit art carvings that are certified by the Canadian government to be handmade by Inuit artisans, come with Igloo tags like the one shown below.

Authentic Inuit Art Canadian Native -------------- authentic inuit eskimo art canadian native
------------- Authentic Inuit Art -------------------- Canadian Government
---- --- Caribou Antler Carving -------------------------- Igloo Tag -----

Free Spirit Gallery takes pride in the fact that all works of Inuit art as well as Canadian Native art we carry are authentic, original and were hand made by artisans of either Canadian Inuit or Native Canadian First Nations aboriginal decent. Our customers take the same pride in owning such beautiful art treasures.

All Inuit art and Northwest Native art treasures that we ship come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. In addition, all of our Inuit art carvings are shipped with the Canadian government Igloo tag.

Both Canadian Native and Inuit artists are producing some stunning artwork these days. Imagine displaying such a piece in your home. For example, see Inuit carvings or Northwest Native carvings at very affordable online prices at Free Spirit Gallery.

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