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Canadian Aboriginal Art, Native American Art
and Related Links

Native Indian and Native American Calendars - Nice selection with Native themes

Native American and Wild West - DVDs from Discovery Channel

Native American Names List of Places in the United States - Names of well known places

Native Indian Word and Meanings of Places in Canada - Cities, provinces, lakes, rivers

Origin of Native American Dreamcatchers - History of the dream catcher

Native Indian Kachina Dolls - Information, facts and history

Free Native Art eBooks!

'An Overview of Pacific Northwest Native Indian Art'
'An Overview of Canadian Arctic Inuit Art'

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Northwest Coast Native American Potlatch - The traditional ceremony

Gemstones of Navajo Southwest Indian Jewelry - Description and significances

Woodland Art of Woodlands Native Indian Artists - Norval Morrisseau and others

Review of Canadian Aboriginal Festival - Largest event of its kind in Canada

Woodlands Indian Art at Mississauga Civic Centre - Nice collection of paintings

Inuit & Native Art Bulletin - Blog with interesting coverage of Native Indian art

Snowwowl - Native American culture, arts and much more

The Franconian Fluteman - Native & American culture & music in Germany

Manataka - The Place of Peace - Huge Native American Indian website

The Asylum Dream Catcher - eZine about Native American history and art

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selection of Canadian Aboriginal art and Native American art

inuit art carvings polar bear -----inuit art prints drum dancer ----- inuit art baskets
-- Inuit Art Carvings ------- Inuit Art Prints -------- Inuit Baskets ---

northwest indian art carvings bear -----northwest indian art prints loon
-- Northwest Indian ---------- Northwest Indian ----
Art Carvings ------------------ Art Prints

Inukshuk Productions - Canadian aboriginal Inuit music label

Three Hawks Trading Company - Native American Indian arts and gifts

First People - A tribute to the first people of the America's

Native American Traders - Southern US Native American art online gallery

Native American Artists - Gallery of Native American art

Ebuynativeart - American Indian art from the Pacific Northwest

image native indian art posters prints ---------- image indian art calendars
Native American Themed ------------ Native Indian Art
--------- Posters and Prints ---------- Native American Calendars

Indian Art & Collectables - Lakota Sioux Native American art and collectables

Aboriginal Art of the First Person - African, Australian, Arctic & Native American

Jeff Yellowhair - Kiowa Apache Native American artist in Oklahoma

American Indian Art.US - Authentic American Indian art for sale

Raven Publishing - Pacific Northwest Coast Indian art books

Native American Languages - Preserving indigenous American languages

Native Pottery Link - Site about Native American pottery

Support Native American Art - General info site on Native American art

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Inuit Art Sculptures ---- About our Artwork ---- Northwest Native
- from the Arctic ------ at Free Spirit Gallery ---- Indian Carvings

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