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Northwest Indian Art Information Resource Articles

Introduction To Northwest Native Art - Article of Northwest Indian art carvers

The Basic Elements of Northwest Indian Art - Detailed look at Northwest Indian art

The Colors of Northwest Indian Art - Color schemes by Northwest Native artists

The Shapes Used in Northwest Indian Art - Illustrating ovoids, U-forms and more

The Design of Northwest Native Art Animal Body Parts - Eyes, ears, noses, arms, etc.

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Northwest Coast Native Art Region - Maps of Northwest Native geographical region

Northwest Indian Art Carver Gary Baker - A profile of carver Gary Baker

Northwest Native Art Carver Peter Charlie - A profile of carver Peter Charlie

Northwest Coast Native Art Carver Cody Mathias - A profile of carver Cody Mathias

Northwest Coast Indian Art Carver Paul Joseph - A profile of carver Paul Joseph

Northwest Indian Canadian First Nations Artist Todd Baker - Profile of Todd Jason Baker

Native American Art Authenticity - Real Native American art compared to fakes

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Inuit & Native Art Bulletin - Blog with interesting coverage of Native Indian art

Free Spirit Gallery Blog - Our own blog where we share nice art images

Northwest Coast Art At Vancouver International Airport - Airport art decor

West Coast Art Totem Poles - History and use of Northwest Indian totem poles

West Coast American Indian Tribal Masks - History, types and functions of masks

Native American Art Thunderbird - One of the most popular Native American icons

The Native American Art Bear - A symbol of strength and friendship

The Eagle In Native American Indian Art - A universally respected symbol of power

image native indian art posters prints ---------- image indian art calendars
Native American Themed ------------ Native Indian Art
--------- Posters and Prints ---------- Native American Calendars

The Orca Killer Whale In Pacific Northwest Coast Art - Loved by millions worldwide

West Coast Native Art On Canadian Coins - Canadian currency Native designs

Pacific Northwest Native Canadian Art Raven - Known to many as the 'trickster'

Interior Decorating & Home Decor with Native American Indian Art - For home

Pacific Coast North West Indian Art on Canada Bank Note - Currency with art

The Salmon in Northwest Native Indian Artwork and Culture - The legend

Tips in Buying and Shopping for Authentic Native Indian Art Carvings - Avoid fakes

Wild Man and Wild Woman of Northwest Coast Canadian First Nations Art - Legends

Northwest Coast Aboriginal Art on Native Drums - By Haida artist Robert Davidson

First Nations Native Aboriginal Festival - Photos showing dance and art

Haida Northwest Indian Art and Artifacts - Ancient pieces from McCord Museum

Native Art as Corporate Business Gifts - When Native art were business gifts

Native Aboriginal Versions of Fish Carvings and Fish Sculptures - For sport fishing fans

Spirit of Haida Gwaii Sculpture - Bill Reid's impressive masterpiece

Northwest Coast Native American Baskets and Button Blankets - Museum artifacts

Pictures of Native American Orca Killer Whale Statue - Museum piece by Bill Reid

Art of Northwest Native American Indian Canoes - Beautiful boat art

Native Tribal Masks at the Museum of Civilization - Masks from the Northwest

Native American Totem Pole Designs - Animal totem pole at museum

NHL Hockey Team Vancouver Canucks Logo - Orca design inspired by Native art

Northwest Native Indian Houses - Longhouses at Museum of Civilization

Pacific Coast Northwestern Native Art Wall Murals - Large displays from museum

Northwest Indian Art Drawings At Mississauga Civic Centre - City hall collection

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