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Inuit Art - Eskimo Art Information Resource Articles/Links

Materials Used in Inuit Sculpture - Different types of stone and materials in Inuit art

Canadian Arctic Region of Inuit Art - Maps showing where Inuit art originates

The Different Styles of Inuit Sculpture - Differing styles of Inuit art across the Arctic

Eskimo Inuit Art Authenticity - Real Eskimo Inuit art compared to imitation fakes

The Prices of Inuit Art - Characteristics of Inuit art which determine market prices

Buying Inuit Art As Investments - Developments which affect Inuit art as investments

Interior Decorating and Home Decor with Inuit Art - Arctic art for today's home styles

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The Evolution of Contemporary Arctic Art Carvings - History of Inuit art carvings

The Birth of Inuit Art Prints - How James Houston taught the Inuit printmaking

Prehistoric Eskimo Carvings - Tracing early Eskimo art to prehistoric ages

Inuit Eskimo Art Sculptures of Arctic Polar Bears - The different types of bears

Export of Inuit Sculpture Containing Whalebone or Ivory - Export /import restrictions

Value of Older Inuit Art and Eskimo Sculpture - Investigating older pieces

The Inuit Inukshuk - History, purpose and significance of the inukshuk

A Trip To Iqaluit In Nunavut, A Canadian Arctic City - Travel report to Nunavut

Throat Singing In Inuit Culture - The revival of this old traditional Inuit activity

Inuit Drum Dancing Of The Arctic - Traditional Inuit drum dancing and music

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Inuit & Native Art Bulletin - Blog with interesting coverage of Inuit art and Eskimo art

Free Spirit Gallery Blog - Our own blog where we share nice art images

Arctic Inuit Art On Canadian Coins - Canadian currency featuring Inuit art designs

The Dancing Bears of Inuit Art - The ever popular dancing bear Inuit carvings

Traveling to the Canadian Arctic and Native Inuit Communities - Air travel to the north

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Logo - New emblem based on the Inuit inukshuk

Permanent Inuit Art Gallery Exhibitions - Public Eskimo art galleries

image inuit art eskimo posters prints --------- image inuit art calendars
-Arctic Inuit Themed ---------- Inuit Art Polar Bears
Posters and Prints -------------- Arctic Calendars

Polar Bears, Rulers of the Arctic North - Interesting facts on the great polar bear

Tips on How to Buy and Shop for Authentic Inuit Art and Eskimo Art - Where to buy

Inuit Art as Corporate Business Gifts - Examples of when Inuit art were business gifts

Native Aboriginal Versions of Fish Carvings and Fish Sculptures - For sport fishing fans

Inuit Art Culture at the Museum of Civilization - A must see attraction in Ottawa

Canadian Corporate Business Gifts - The best choice of Inuit art symbolic of Canada

Cape Dorset Inuit Art Prints at Mississauga Civic Centre - City Hall collection

Inuit Statues of Arctic Animals - Polar bears and more from Inuit Art

Inuit Art Drawings and Paintings - Inuit prints collection

Inuit Families - Pieces with the family theme 

Inuit Hunters - Inuit hunting sculptures 

Inuit Ivory and Bone - Pieces made from animal bone

Eskimo Inuit Boats - Impressive sculptures of boats

Inuit Shamanism Legends Mythology - Interesting characters in art


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[Just for your information, the term Eskimo is now considered derogatory in the Canadian north and has been replaced by the more acceptable term Inuit. Eskimo is used throughout this website only as a reference term for our international customers who may not be aware of the term Inuit.]

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