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Download Page For Your Free eBooks

As promised, here are the two free eBooks. To start downloading each eBook, just RIGHT CLICK on the image of the front cover page or text link below and choose SAVE TARGET AS.

If the file is already open, save the file to the location of your choice on your computer by clicking FILE > SAVE AS at the top when you see the eBook on your screen. If you forget to do this, you will have to download the eBook each time you want to read it.

The eBooks are .pdf files so Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader will also be required to view the pages. It is highly recommended that you use the newest versions of Adobe as this file was formatted with the latest versions and therefore may not work properly with older ones. For Mac users, Preview will work as well.  Feel free to contact us if any difficulties in downloading the eBooks are experienced.

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Download eBook Now ---------- Download eBook Now

We also have our own Free Spirit Gallery Blog which I update on a regular basis to provide interesting news from aboriginal art producing communities as well as what's new at Free Spirit Gallery.  I also like to share images of wonderful artwork on a regular basis with the Native Indian art and Inuit art loving communities.  Art fans are most welcome to comment on blog posts since I want to make this blog very interactive.  A similar setup is also at our Native Inuit Art Facebook page.

Click any image or link below to start viewing our beautiful
selection of Canadian Native Indian Art

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