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Arctic Wear Clothing For Northern Winter Travel

If you are planning to travel up north to the Arctic regions during winter seasons, you definitely must have adequate clothing for possible extreme temperatures. Even if you live in northern United States or Canada where there are cold winters, they are nothing compared to winters up in the Arctic.

When I went up to Nunavut during one winter, I wore my ski suit (jacket and pants) whenever I was outdoors. It got so cold that I even wore my ski goggles when I was walking around Iqaluit. It was about minus 35 degrees Celcius (that's -35 degress below freezing point) and the wind was brutal. There's also very little sunshine during the winter months as well.

So if you are planning for a trip up north for sightseeing or watching polar bears, it is highly recommended to bring the right clothing or winter wear for extreme weather. 

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